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My Little Bride

8:58 PM
This is one of the most romantic movies in the Korean Cinema. The story revolves around a high school girl who is forced into an arr...Read More

The Host

8:57 PM
The Host is a sci-fi thriller in which a mysterious monster appears from the Han River in Seoul. The monster kills hundreds and kidn...Read More


8:46 PM
Jin-tae and Jin-seok are brothers with Jin-tae being the elder of the both. When the Korean War flares up, Jin-tae does everything i...Read More


8:43 PM
Oldboy is a twisted tale of a man who is held captive for years for no reason at all. When the man is given a cell phone, money, an...Read More

The Chaser

8:41 PM
This 2008 Korean movie is one of the best movies ever produced in Korean Cinema. The plot of the movie is based on a cash strapped p...Read More

I Saw the Devil

8:39 PM
This Korean movie is an intense story of catch and run between a secret agent and a cold blooded killer. The story follows the event...Read More
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